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Workshops & Classes

Transformative Movement for Corporate Wellness & Elevating Group Dynamics

Real connections are crucial for survival, and leaders thrive on them. Beyond mere dance, it's about expressing emotions and stories through movement with others. Join us on a journey to strengthen bonds, reshape how we connect, work, and lead.


Cultivating trust, empathy, joy, and affection lays the foundation to boost creativity and productivity, building an environment we want to live, evolve, and thrive in.


Come, be part of an adventure where movement evolves into a universal language, shaping your expressions, connections, and personal growth.

Liquid Leading

Partner Dance

Brigitte offers a unique approach to partner dance that transcends traditional roles and fosters a dynamic, expressive connection between dancers. Building on the flow and structure of Brazilian Zouk, her "Liquid Leading" technique encourages individuals to explore their full range of movement and emotion, while remaining attuned to the needs of their partners. Through this approach, participants can experience an ever-evolving exchange that embodies authenticity and genuine relation.

Guided  Movement  Exploration


A transformative workshop designed to help you connect with your body, open your senses, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Through guided movement exercises and experiential learning, you'll explore new ways of moving and thinking, expanding your awareness and broadening your perspective. This workshop offers an opportunity to learn about different tools and techniques to deepen your connection with your body and increase your self-awareness & creativity.

Embodiment Journey

Ecstatic & Cacao Dance

Dance & Music Journey

Ecstatic & Cacao Dance is a transformative practice that invites individuals to freely express themselves through movement, fostering a profound experience of unity and magic.

Guided by Brigitte, participants begin with warm-up exercises designed to cultivate comfort and connection, preparing them for the dance journey ahead.

Incorporating cross-cultural music and various rhythms, the dance session guides individuals through different stages of exploration, encouraging them to move authentically and connect deeply with others.

This practice fosters a sense of comfort in one's own skin and allows for the discovery of transformative energy through movement, aligning with the essence of Brigitte's Embodiment Journey and Liquid Leading approach.

Palm Trees

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