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Movement encompasses dimensions beyond what we can see. Let me take you on a journey through the unseen realms of...


Somatic Embodiment

Under- & Innerstand your Body

Experience a unique exploration emphasizing internal physical perception. This journey goes beyond traditional movement studies, fostering a deep understanding of your body from within. Discover the nuances of your own mechanics in a personalized and mindful approach to movement.


Spirit-Psyche Integration

Connect with your inner world

Discover the synergy between spirit and psyche, unlocking a path to profound clarity and lasting peace. Guided journey of self-discovery and somatic liberation, providing tools and insights that foster a harmonious connection with your inner self.


AUHENTIC Expression

Manifest your vision


Get support for your artistic expression, self-discovery, and unique vision. My service offers guidance in your creative process, helping you explore and express yourself authentically.


Culture & Community

Share, Support & Grow

Cultivate relationships that uplift and celebrate your authentic self, empowering you to contribute meaningfully to the world around you.

Take your leadership to new heights with attunement practices, engaging in a profound body-to-body connection through dance. Liquid leading serves as a transformative approach, providing a safe space for collaborative exploration while remaining attuned to the needs of both yourself and others.


Palm Trees
  • Holistic Connection: Align body, mind, heart, and artistry for a profound, holistic experience.

  • Expressive Transformation: Transform your dance and lifestyle approach to reflect your authentic self.

  • Leadership Development: Cultivate leadership capabilities within yourself, empowering others.

  • Confidence Boost: Boost self-confidence and interpersonal assurance in all aspects of life.

  • Empathetic Communication: Enhance empathy in communication for richer, more meaningful interactions.

  • Conscious Relationship Building: Cultivate conscious relationships that align with your values and aspirations.

The B-Moving Methodology

The B-Moving Methodology is built on the four pillars of Body, Mind, Soul, and Connection.

As interconnected beings, every part of us is designed to work together as a team. Imagine your inner team organized to firstly guarantee your survival and secondly to provide you with the best life experience possible. You've made it this far, so you definitely have figured out some things.

However, this team faces challenges and repeatedly chooses the difficult path and the same team mates to achieving its goals. It lacks freedom, leading to discomfort and constant internal conflicts, with each part pulling in a different direction. Consequently, they may overlook other possibilities that could be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Picture this team as comprising all your body parts—muscles, fascia, bones, organs, skin, your nervous system, mind, and all your soul parts. Additionally, you have the entire outside world to interact with, which can be quite overwhelming.

Getting into your body through mindful movement, as a tool to know yourself, via a repetitive practice of connecting with all your inner parts and organizing their movement, can help you stay grounded and flexible in everyday life situations. This involves smoothly transitioning between activation and relaxation as needed.

Being in touch with your inner teammates' functions and needs and knowing how to cater to them will empower you, providing freedom in your authentic and diverse expressions. It will also enhance your understanding and make interacting with "the other" more enjoyable.

Experience movement through the B-Moving Methodology, choosing still meditation or coordinated movement. Each session is crafte
d for self-discovery, aligning body, mind, and soul. Guided on a journey to grounded flexibility, find authentic expressions.

Choose your journey, my diverse background spans
Somatic Education, Movement Fundamentals, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, Yoga, Movement Meditation & Improvisation, Brazilian Zouk, Partner Dance Fundamentals & Connection, Mind-Body-Organization, Non-Verbal Communication & Transpersonal Psychology, Spirit-Psyche Integration Coaching, Shamanic Practices and Meditation.

Let's co-create an experience tailored to meet your personal needs on your path to empowerment and LifeForce.

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