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Brigitte & Zan

Soulful Movers
Weaving Brazilian Zouk Partner Dancing with Neuroscience and Authentic connection

Brigitte & Zan bring a fresh and playful dynamic to their Brazilian Zouk partner dancing, merging creative expression with a framework for communication that transcends fixed lead/follow roles. 

They weave together elements of contemporary dance, somatic education, transpersonal psychology and more, creating an expansive and supporting environment for movement lovers of any experience level or background.
In living and teaching across 15+ countries, Bri & Zan have cultivated a love for culture, movement, and connection they are passionate about sharing.

A dance language with the freedom of ecstatic dance and synchrony of partner dance? Dive into the possibilities of Liquid Leading layered on the flow of Brazilian Zouk. Join us for an experience of guided exercises in leading, following, and what lies in between. Find the evolving magic dynamic with each partner, building specific techniques for a continuous two-way communication. Get ready to turn your world into an endless dance playground!

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  • Move into empowerment

  • Unlock the body and achieve flow

  • Grasp movement principles for better understanding

  • Experience sensorial awakening

  • Nourish Your Body & Relationships

  • Learn about consent and authentic relating

  • Connect with and explore different emotion

  • Be present and listen with your body

  • Empower your intuition

  • Unleash your creativity

  • Explore intimacy in movement and expression

  • Access your potential

Work with us 

Sandy Beach
I was not new to dance, yet Brigitte’s cutting-edge, creative manner of Brazilian dance was a profound and transformational experience of a lifetime. Within a two-hour master class, Brigitte took our group from the elementals of weight-shifting in our bodies to incremental connection with others, to a unique partner dance practice that depends utterly on pure embodied presence. The resulting FLOW was extraordinary—sensual, transcendent, beautiful and moving. Brigitte’s warm, radiant presence, together with Zan’s, and her clear, kind and skilled instruction at our growth edges created a container for this FLOW that was *masterful.*

She and Zan are beautiful souls whose distinct offering-- the play and polarity of embodied masculine and feminine--is so needed, and indeed vital, at this cultural and planetary moment. I will return to practice, to learn from, to be inspired by, and to grow with this evolutionary couple."

Marni GauthierExecutive Coach & Master Facilitator

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