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“Having never danced with a partner before, the whole conversation of dance was completely new territory for me. After just two weeks, I’m completely obsessed. Dancing has so many lessons for interpersonal communication, especially between the masculine and feminine.My favorite part is seeing Brigitte’s super intuitive leading style, how she communicates her intentions and desires for me to follow, while tuning to me to make sure I’m with her every second.”

London Miller, USA

“I have always been kind of afraid of dancing, not ever sure what to do or how to look doing it. Like many people I would be totally in my head the whole time.

Working with Brigitte was amazing, she is so in tune with her own body and able to feel the energy of others. In the first session we did, I found myself actually moving in rhythm with her, feeling into my body and sensing the cues she was giving me. I actually felt the beautiful language of dance, rather than thought it. 10/10 would recommend it.”

Chad Niel, USA

“Sharing the dance with you is so nice and unusual to have no dance be the same. I always discover and feel something new in every exchange and lead. Thank you for showing me beyond the obvious.”

Tathi Carvalho, Brazil


Hello, I'm Brigitte

I am an international dance artist, instructor, performer and transformational movement guide.

Originally from Switzerland, I  taught in over ten countries and studied with world-renowned programs at Broadway Dance Center in New York and Faculdade Angel Vianna in Rio de Janeiro.

I connect my studies in contemporary dance, Brazilian social dances, somatic education, contact-improvisation, body mechanics, Yoga, Gyrokinesis, and transpersonal psychology to guide people on their path to embodied movement and expression.

As part of my research in partner dance and Brazilian Zouk, I developed Liquid Leading & Following. A practice, in which body dialogue transcends traditional gender roles and, dancing is distilled into an expressive language for each member to share his or her story with another.

Using dance as a tool for awareness and expression, I meld the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual together. In doing so, I offers a place to play, experiment, live, adapt and create different realities.

February 10-15, 2022
Costa Rica

B-Moving freely through the waves of change and cycles of life.